Mavic Battery Mod

How to use auxiliary batteries with MaxxUAV battery adapter clips

DJI Mavic Pro

WARNING: although we and others have tested these extensively, this is AT YOUR OWN RISK. DJI might not honor warranty in case of a crash

The adapter clip is easy to insert in the battery connector. Use pins 2/3 and 5/6 from the left (counting only the metal pins). Make 100% sure this is correct! Insert the battery as usual and you will have a standard XT60 connector sticking out. The main battery is 3S LiHV, so you will need to use 3S LiPO or LiHV batteries. You can use any brand, size or capacity – just make sure they fit on the quad and are not too heavy.

We recommend using 3M Dual Lock straight on the main battery (where the 4 LEDs are) and attaching a single aux battery that way. We have tested many aux batteries, and currently the best to use are the Hobbyking 3S Multistar LiHV High Capacity batteries of 3000 mAh (or less). These are cheap and light.

If you have the Mavic adapter with dual XT60 output, or by using an XT60 parallel cable, you can also use lighter dual batteries on both sides of the bird (use 3M Dual Lock). Because of the cable, the battery resistance will be higher resulting in a slight loss of flight time. Use dual 3S batteries of 800 to 1600 mAh each.

First start the quad with the main battery only connected. When everything is ready, connect the aux battery or batteries to the XT60 connector.

If your aux batteries are fully charged, they might start charging the main battery before take-off, resulting in the main battery being switched off. To prevent this, take off immediately after connecting the aux batteries. You can also charge your aux batteries less (to 4.28 – 4.30 – 4.32 V per cell). If you use normal LiPO batteries instead of LiHV batteries, you will not have this problem, but they are a bit heavier. If you get a battery error immediately after taking off, it means your aux batteries are indeed charging the main battery. Land normally, disconnect the aux batteries, and start the procedure again.

You can also use the non-LiHV Multistar High Capacity batteries. Other good brands (albeit heavier) are Hyperion, Tattu, Zippy and Turnigy. 

As a charger for your aux batteries, we recommend the Hobbyking Turnigy chargers, SkyRC or iCharger. If you want to use LiHV batteries, make sure your charger supports these. Never keep batteries fully charged for more than 2 days. Use the charger’s storage function to discharge them!

After flying, first carefully disconnect the aux battery/batteries from the XT60 connector before switching off the quad.